Pricing & Services

Faceup (All Sizes) $60
Artist Choice Faceup $50
Faceup Removal $10
Eyelashes $5
Body Blushing $40
Manicure/Pedicure $15
Elf Ear Removal $20
Fang Removal $20


These are the materials I use for my faceups! After trying many materials when I started painting dolls, I’ve found that these products work the best and produce the best quality faceups.


Extra Info

  • There is no extra charge for things such as beauty marks, freckles, unique eyeshadow, etc. Only additional charges would be extras such as piercings, face tattoos, face paint, etc.
  • All commissions will be shipped back in the box they arrived in, as to keep the return shipping the same. However if the completed commission does not fit in the original box, you will be notified.
  • I do not supply face masks so please keep this in mind especially if your doll will have eyelashes added! I will do my best to protect your doll if a face mask is not provided.
  • Please make sure your doll is 100% clean if not requesting faceup removal.
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